Target Consumers You Want

There's a lot of consumers out there.

Reach the ones that are the right match for your products with Acquire, Retain, Push, and other campaigns.

Mass media is a great way to generate brand awareness and certainly has a place in your marketing plans. But you're also wasting money to reach people who are not a match for your product.

In-Store displays and events are great tools. But you're limited on what you can do. And you certainly want to sell your products each and every day.

Distributing coupons via mail, store, newspapers and typical apps? Not effective and expensive to reach the right consumers. What's worse, is you're giving discounts to people who would have paid full price for your product anyway.

Our service allows you to focus your marketing dollars on the consumers that are right for your product.

Using artificial intelligence, we identify which consumers are the right match for your product. Then we use your campaign goal (e.g., Acquire new consumers), to focus on the right consumers. Then deliver a limited number of personal recommendations to consumers for maximum impact.





We saw the problem.

Consumers want to try new products.

Stores want to provide better customer service.

Suppliers want you to try their products.

But it wasn't working.

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