How It Works

One of the great aspects of our service is that you can do as little or as much as you’d like.

You can target sales with laser precision.

And you have direct access to consumers.  You have direct access to consumers when they are about to decide on which product to purchase! That’s worth repeating. You have direct access to consumers.

Easy setup to begin increasing sales


A few things need to be done just once:

Get your products into the system. We can help with that (refer to the page on what we need for that, basically it’s just like your sales sheet).

Optionally define your standard deals – you can have a standard set to acquire and retain customers that applies to all stores.

Yep, that’s it.

We’ll analyze shopper preferences, habits, likes, and dislikes and recommend your deals to consumers that would be interested.

Not to everyone? Not at all - why spend money on people who wouldn't like your product.

By personalizing our recommendations, consumers will consistently use the app on every visit and want to try out what we recommend.

From your perspective, it means we are maximizing every penny you spend.

Focus your budget on the right consumers


Here’s where you have lots of options. You can define who gets your deals, where your deals are offered, when, and what to offer. And of course the message to consumer.


For each product, you can define one or more campaigns:

ACQUIRE – only target consumers who have not purchased your product but would probably like it. This grows your revenue and market segment.

RETAIN – only target consumers who are regular customers. Keep sales moving and defend against aggressive competition (e.g., a direct competitor has a special display on the end cap).

PUSH – get deals out there to everyone (who would like your product). This is perfect for launching your product in a new store.


With that laser focus in mind, you can define what stores each deal can be offered at. So if your cabernet is selling well at all stores but one (and they all have the same demographics), then you can define an aggressive ACQUIRE campaign at just that one store to get their numbers up.

By focusing deals exactly where they are needed, we maximize your marketing dollar.

And best of all, you can make it all happen without leaving your office. Very cool.


When you define your deal, you specify exactly when the deal is offered. A deal can be offered for a single day, a week next month in conjunction with a special event, or it gets offered until you say to stop.

In fact, today you can define special deals for the week Thanksgiving. These deals would only be offered that week.

And if a deal isn’t producing the results you want, you can always stop it or replace it. It won’t be offered anymore.


Define what the deal offers. Is it $5 off a premium spirit? $1 off a six pack of craft beer? You decide.

And you decide the message the consumer sees. Want to have a special deal on National Talk Like a Pirate Day?  No problem.

What you offer is where your knowledge, intuition and skill comes in. Will that $5 off of a premium spirit be what it takes to get consumers buying your product at that one store that’s lagging, or do you need to be more aggressive?  Or is it a matter of how much do you want to sell?

Perhaps working with the store owner is what will be most effective for a particular product at a particular store. By offering the $5 discount, the store’s usual order would be off the shelf in record time. Although a $8 discount could mean a few more cases need to be added to the regular order.

Our service provides you with the dials to help manage your sales.

Get retail liquor store data to adjust your sales dial


We provide you with a portal, the dashboard to your deals. Here you define the deals and monitor the results.

Well, that didn’t sound very exciting and it should.

Think about it.  You’re sitting at your desk and a product isn’t selling at the other end of the state. You sit back, think for a moment, take a sip of coffee. Then login to the portal, define a special AQUIRE deal for that store and you’re done.

OK, no fireworks, but that is exciting! You are in command with barely any effort. Wow!


We’ll analyze each consumer’s preferences and purchasing trends to determine what deals would be best. And as they walk into a liquor store, determine the best set of deals to offer that person, at that time. The number of deals is limited to make it easy for the consumer and to maximize the redemption rate.

We want to maximize our redemption rates. This makes the app valuable to consumers so they use it every time they are going to purchase a product. This gives you control to determine the deals that will achieve your goals without the last minute running around at the end of the quarter.

Reimbursements and Your Budget

You created a great deal and sold a case more of pinot than any other week. Excellent!

Now what do you have to do?  We’ll take care of reimbursements.  You need to have the store owner buy more pinot for next week.

You define your budget. The budget includes the cost of offering deals, reimbursements, and fees. We’ll validate all reimbursements to stores based on what deals were offered when and to who, against POS transactions. Once validated, we’ll reimburse store owners from your account.

This makes it simple and easy for you. And keeps everything on budget. So if your aggressive deal has your products flying off the shelf, you don’t have to worry about it costing you a fortune.



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Suppliers want you to try their products.

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